174 page story

The Magic of Ordinary Times

Life was less complicated before the invention of everyday electronics and before children played games using only their thumbs. An inspiring family of nice, the Jones', invite you to take a trip down memory lane, into the 1950s. An era when innocence was king and families had everything but money. They used ingenuity and cleverness, putting fun into everyday life. With imagination, creativity, and homemade toys that had no batteries, they invented their own games.
Read this book with your kids or grandkids, you will laugh and share memories of a bygone era.
If you grew up during this time, you may find yourself remembering "back when". Today's child will learn "the way it was" in the "good ole days".

This collection of stories of a family of seven children, growing up in the 1950s, shows “the way it was” in everyday life in bygone days. Kids today do not know what they don’t know. Masterly they use today’s electronics and modern conveniences with no idea what it would be not to have them, nor how they came to be. 

A note from the author:
Inspired by watching my teen-granddaughter texting with her cell phone, I told her how amazing today’s technology was and that when I was her age our telephone was on a party line. She wanted to know if I went to the party. Her non-understanding of what I was talking about prompted the writing of this book.